About Us

Obsequium Group

The Obsequium Group offers a host of products and services through its two subsidiary companies: Obsequium Global Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. (“OGS”)and Obsequium Global Capital Partners Pvt. Ltd (“OGCP”).

With operational compliance as its main service, OGS among a bunch of services offers support in AML, CDD & Regulatory Compliance.

The second arm, OGCP offers custom Software Development services. From deep web app development to building the best software products, it helps to meet the most modern requirements and implement the best practices not just in terms of functionality and security, but also scalability.

Obsequium Global Services (“OGS”)

As regulations get tougher, budgets tighter and compliance failures increase, it is important that financial institutions look at changing their traditional approach. We at Obsequium intend to provide a solid operational backing to the financial services sector that is vulnerable to money-laundering, and its related activities and that the compliance topics are never ignored. Our clients are financial institutions.

By offering innovative and digitized compliance models, it is our constant endeavor to help institutions move to a more intelligent operational model that will not just bolster their strategic growth but also help them thrive sustainably. Our well-thought out strategies and approaches will help you transition with ease, meet deadlines and stay on top.

We wish to take away the hassles that curb your growth and give you time to focus your efficiencies in your core competencies. By outsourcing your services to us, we will not just help you achieve cost-efficiency, but also attain strategic goals within the time-frame stipulated. We know the risks and challenges involved and so, with our expertise we will ensure that all the regulations are complied to. By delegating the activities to our expert team, you can gain that edge over your competitors and make great strides in the sector.

Our Team

Head – Operations & Risk Management
Ajith Samuel Abraham

Having been with the company since its inception, Ajith is an integral part of Obsequium. As the head of the operations and risk management department, he takes lead in setting up the operational process, conducts quality assurance checks, provides digital solutions and develops system solutions. Ajith possesses an in-depth knowledge in the KYC/AML regulatory requirements, CERSAI registration formalities, CERSAI data file structures and various other procedural requirements of CERSAI that can impact financial institutions. He is also regularly in touch with the concerned authorities for regular updates, which keeps him abreast of the changes in the arena.

Marketing Executive
Naiciya Juwal

Armed with a post-graduate degree in Business Administration, Naiciya is an integral part of the company. She plays a key role in the development of the Operational Compliance division and is responsible for effectively managing high-profile customers. Naiciya has independently handled many CKYC/SI projects for Obsequium and her profound knowledge in the field is unmatched. Her unwavering commitment to work is what makes her a valuable asset to the company.

Project Executive
Nizar M

A thorough-bred professional with a sharp mind, Nizar’s exemplary work in the field of Operational Compliance has helped him earn the trust of many key clients. His significant role in handling the development of new clients and single-handedly implementing multiple CKYC/SI projects is something that the company is proud of. Nizar’s expertise comes from his deep knowledge in the area of his work. He is a post graduate in Business Administration.