Operational & Administrative Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing has become the order of the day and companies big and small are outsourcing different services such as accounting, operational and administrative processes, etc to streamline process and cut costs.

By decreasing your employer liability you can avail the best administrative staff in the market, paying only when you need. Moreover, with administrative tasks out of your way you can focus on you core functions. By outsourcing these services to an experienced company like us, you will not only ensure access to the latest technologies, but also reduce your operational costs of hiring and maintaining employees in the administrative department.

The resources that you save from outsourcing these services can be used for business expansion and implementing other strategies that will help your company climb the higher rungs of the ladder.

How We Help?

  • Preparing files for client onboarding
  • Data entry of core banking solution (Updation is done only after the data is reviewed and approved by a checker).
  • Support in regular updation of KYC information of Customers (every two years for high-risk customers, eight years for medium-risk customers and every 10 years for low risk customers as per RBI guidelines)
  • Preparing transaction monitoring files for review and finalization by bank’s employees
  • Prepare various compliance reports for review and finalization by bank employees

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